Monday, July 14, 2014


Next on our trip we went to mexico. it was REALLY hot so we had to wear big hats to keep the sun off of us. Mexico was mostly dry land but it was interesting to visit. But we didn't drink the water!



ToddleeDoo - BabyBoy ~>HERE<~
Ears -  Cute Bytes BabyElven Ears - SMART
Hair Base - JoMo Etched Hair 07 ~>HERE<~
Skin - Purretes *Jay* Skin ~>HERE<~
Shape - By Me 100%
Hair - Aotreo* Sam - Chocolate ~>HERE<~
Eyes - PP Daydream Eyes II - Bewitching ~>HERE<~
Mouth - OpenMouth Pro v2.0 W/EXP: BabyTeeth ~>HERE<~
Tail - Lemon Tea - Short Hair Neko Tail ~>HERE<~


Muddy Buddies - Mexican Outfit ~>HERE<~

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