Monday, March 28, 2016


If we dye the easter eggs how does the easter bunny hide them? Cause wont they be in our fridge?

Hoppy Easter!

Easter eggs of all sorts. Red, yellow, blue, green and purple an even multicolored ones. Dying easter eggs is part of the fun.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Playtime Rug!

Everyone has that one spot in their house that they like to flock to and relax in.

Tickle Time

Housing around can help tucker a child out to get them to calm down and sleep good at night.


There is so much to be said about big brothers. They are mean, only cause they are bigger and can reach things you cant. They are annoying, only cause they are going thru the teenage stage. But big brothers are role models. We watch their every move hoping to be like them and get away with the things they did.

Just be You

wither you are quirky and smart, or goofy and witty. Just be you. Dance to your own drum and learn your own way. Because even famous people found their own way.

Ballet Boy

Even boys can take ballet. Teaching them grace and sensitivity.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Toy Box Fun

Anyone who has owned a toybox, knows the fun there is to be had. Your toybox becomes a hidding place, a naptime spot, a fort, a boat, and so much more. Because your toybox is where your imagination starts.

Have you Meshmerized?

Clothing with style! Meshmerized has some of the stylish and original mesh clothing for all sizes. Big or small and even in between! Check out Meshmerized today! Style for a good price!


Snuggles of any kind are just what the Doctors ordered. Wither it is soft snuggles or strong bear snuggles, they all make the day better!


We're making brownies, double chocolate fudge brownies. Baked at just the right temperature so that the brownies are crunchy on the outside and gewy on the inside! YUM!

Don't Touch My Poptart!

Being the littlest in the family is hard when it comes to getting breakfast. The bigger kids can reach over my head and grab the Poptarts first. But I got a secret weapon!

My Puppy

My puppy is snugly, soft and always smells like comfort. Hes the perfect size for me to wrap my arms around and hold tight when I am scared or sad. Do you have a puppy to?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

xWing Combat Flyers

Take Flight with the NEW xWing from Boomerang, coming soon to Playroom.
Featuring a combat system for fun in flight battle play. Adult and children versions.