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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Family Game Night

Grab out your board games and everyone in the family and have a family game night. Sometimes it is healthy for a family to get all their aggression out on eachother in this dog eats dog world!

Rare 2

Make Over

Alright I know that girls are the all powerful bosses of us guys but why is it that they like to do make overs? Am I not pretty as it is? Gesh Girls!

New Friends

Sometimes people show up at the moment you need someone to come into your life and lift you up. Making new friends is not easy but the best friends come at the right moment and grab ahold of you, shake you and say "Get ahold of your self man!"

Nama Snuggles

Today I must brag about my nama. She is kind and big hearted, she may not bake cookies for me but she gives me lots of candy canes. But most of all shes always there when I need her. Shes ready to kick ass soon as the name is taken. My favotire thing with my nama is that she snuggles me and we love our plushie pals.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bring in the New Year with a Kiss

Its 2015 now and we brought in the new year with a kiss!

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 was amazing had fun with my family and friends we all came together and joked and laughed and took some pictures to always remember the good time.

New Day

I feel like after it snows and the land is clear of any marks and grass poking out and everything is just all white. It feels like a fresh new day. Like when you pull your laundry out of the dryer and it smells so good and it is so warm. a Fresh snow is crisp and new.