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Friday, November 14, 2014


I beleive that at least Once a year every family should get a Family Photo because Kids start to grow and change and you never want to miss those moments!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know its not thanksgiving yet but I also know people are going to be heading out to loved ones houses for thanksgiving. So I will say this now so that you all have a Very Happy Thanksgiving!


Here let me hold this for you...

The Prince

While checking out some places to find some good clothing to blog about I came upon a store that every girl drools over. Little do most of us boys know they do have a boys section. In this boys section there is a gacha and I fell in love with this gacha because it is so Prince Charming!

Reach For It

Sometimes when you are not tall enough you need to ask for help reaching it. Now most people will just grab it and hand it to you. But a special few will pick you up and have you grab it. Helping you to grow and show you that asking for help doesnt make you lazy.

Apple NomNoms

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!! so eat up them apples!

My Birthday

I want to thank everyone who said Happy Birthday to me Yesterday. I had a nice birthday course I played minecraft all day but still was better then nothing. Always be greatful for everything you get. Dont take things for granted, because one day they just might be gone for good.