Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bug Hunter Vs Bugs

Being the bug hunter is often like monkey in the middle. To many bugs to hunt will have to wondering which way should I go.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Watermelon Please

It has come that time of the year when the juicy watermelons are about to be put out up on stock in the stores. Yes PLEASE!!! Juicy watermelon for me!

Imagination Land

In my imagination I can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone. Imagination is my key to the journeys of my mind.

Guardian Angel

I have a guardian angel in heaven. Shes been with me since I was little. She watches over me and helps me thru the hard times.

Oh My Shoes

If you are as addicted to shoes as I am then you must check out these shoes at the thimble event!


I know that when I have to clean my bedroom I most often find distractions along the way. I end up doing something that has nothing to do with cleaning my bedroom.

Kawaii Cute

Playing peekaboo with my new Friends the Kawaii Cute Mollow friends. Imaginary friends spike a creativity in you that you never knew you had.