Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Getting Sick

 With cold weather comes getting sick. Cold and flu season is upon us. Keep hydrated and take your vitamins!

Wrapping Paper

 Me and my buddies are trying to figure out this wrapping thing. Got any tips?


Warm Custard

 As the snow falls outside I find it soothing to stand by the fire and eat some warm custard.

Making Presents

 Its getting closer to Christmas. Have you picked out your presents you are giving your friends and family?


 The more the snow falls the more fresh powder that builds up for sledding and skiing.

Warm up

 Warm up by the fire from the cold weather!

The First Snow

 The first snow fall of the season is always there for the night and gone in the morning. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Hot Cocoa

 Nothing like a hot cup of cocoa after being out in the snow!

Christmas Tree

Picking out our Christmas Tree and decorating it. It is almost time for Santa!