Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Being a Man

My big brother aaron shaves cause he is very hairy. So he was teaching me how to shave to cause he said one day I will get lots of hair on my face to. I hope I dont get hair on my face cause it looks itchy.


.GlamRus Kidz. Just Like Daddy Pose ~>HERE<~


*AR* - 13L - Amelia ~>HERE<~



ToddleeDoo - BabyBoy ~>HERE<~
Ears -  Cute Bytes BabyElven Ears - SMART
Hair Base - JoMo Etched Hair 07 ~>HERE<~
Skin - Purretes *Jay* Skin ~>HERE<~
Shape - By Me 100%
Hair - Aotreo* Sam - Chocolate ~>HERE<~
Eyes - PP Daydream Eyes II - Bewitching ~>HERE<~
Mouth - OpenMouth Pro v2.0 W/EXP: BabyTeeth ~>HERE<~
Tail - Lemon Tea - Short Hair Neko Tail ~>HERE<~


*S*W* Cranberry Flannel Pjs (B) ~>HERE<~


*CC* by LacieCakes - Promise String (M) ~>HERE<~




Shape - 100% Mine
Skin - **JOMO** boy skin T 25 C Bald 
Eyes - :PP Daydream Eyes II - Bewitching
Hair - *DROT* Jeremy 2.0 - Chocolate
Tattoos - :Wicked Tattoos: Demonology Sleeves - Medium ink (A) ~>HERE<~
Ears - :GAUGED: Elven Stretched Ears [Dice] 
Facial Hair - **JOMO** Beard 10
Feet - JOMO MESH men's feet 


SWS: Morning After Couple Set Pajamas (wine) ~>HERE<~


JCNY - 'GREATEST LOVE, Engraving Edition, Wedding Rings ~>HERE<~

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