Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Scary Spooks

The time of year is here. Halloween is upon us. so get out all of your spooks and start decorating!


You ever watch a child play and wonder what they are thinking about?

Strike a Pose

That moment when you get a new outfit and you just have to strike a pose and show your stuff.

Our Gang

Our gang consists mostly of our lil thugs they do all of our grunt work.

First Pumpkin of the Fall

Picking that first pumpkin of Fall. Are you ready for the cool weather and falling leaves?

Reading is Fundamental

Take time to read a good book. Reading is fundamental. you learn something new with every book you read.

Last of the Hot Weather

Use up every bit of that hot weather cause fall is upon us and once fall hits everything gets super cold!

Floatie Smack

Out of curiosity what is your favorite summer pool toy. I think I enjoy a good tube to smack people with or even fill it with water and fling the water.

Hidding From Spooks

When the noises at night freak you out there is no better place to hide then under your blankie.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Gamer Babies

Now this is my kind of good time. I got my brother and we are gaming on our system with lots of snacks and soda.