Tuesday, August 26, 2014

You First

Swiming pools are unpredictable! You can put your toe in to check the tempature, but it never justifys the true measure of how cold or warm it is. So what do we do? We push our friend in first to test the water!


.GlamRus Kidz. In Yah Go! COMMON ~>HERE<~
.GlamRus Kidz. You Jump, I Jump COMMON 


:LBM: Kiddy pool ~>HERE<~
[TTT] Squirt Gun Gatchas ~>HERE<~


<LiL DiNo's> Summer Beach Shorts - Teal 
<LiL DiNo's> Dinosaur Hunter Swim Goggles 


<LiL DiNo's> Princess Swim Goggles
<LiL DiNo's> Summer Beach Shorts - Pink 
Lullaby. Swim Tops White (for Lil Dinos) 

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