Saturday, August 16, 2014

Being Tall

When you are little and you are told you cant do things the bigger kids can you wanna make sure ur growing every day. You stand by that growth chart and measure and get so proud when u grow even just a little bit more. It makes you feel so proud of yourself for getting bigger. Well keep drinking your milk so your bones can grow big and strong!


Alouette - Height Chart - Duck  ~>HERE<~
{Bad Seed Boutique} Rocking Bear/Vintage Blue ~>HERE<~
{ b } Pirate Crate Chair - Skulls 


*S*W* Ninja Donny Turtle Tee   ~>HERE<~
*S*W* Blue Strip Shorts


*CC* by LacieCakes - Promise String (M) ~>HERE<~


{Lil Big Me} Gypsy Skirt Outfit   ~>HERE<~


*CC* by LacieCakes - Promise String (F)

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