Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Special Occasions

When something special or wonderful happens it is always custom to get a photo of it. A reminder of how happy that moment was. So for all of you I share a happy moment.


.GlamRus Kidz. Dance With Me ~>HERE<~
.GlamRus Kidz. First Crush
.GlamRus Kidz. Our Gentlemen
.click. Like Dad ~>HERE<~
.GlamRus Kidz. Spring Walk
Little Moments-Super Dad ~>HERE<~
(Past Gacha)

(.GlamRus Kidz. First Crush)



SK TD White/Lime Tux ~>HERE<~

(.GlamRus Kidz. Our Gentlemen)



.::[t.O.]::. Princess Tiana Costume ~>HERE<~

(.click. Like Dad)



Tux: .:L&B:. "Modern Black Open" Mesh 2013 Tuxedo Set/Cream V4 ~>HERE<~
Shoes: HOC Industries - Mens Formal Dress Shoes || ~>HERE<~

(.GlamRus Kidz. Spring Walk)



Dress: Junbug Helena Night  ~>HERE<~
Bracelets: Mandala Billionaire Black ~>HERE<~
Flowers: Truth Flower From Felicity Hair ~>HERE<~

(Little Moments-Super Dad)

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