Sunday, August 31, 2014


Kids point of view on balloons. Balloons are magical we dont know why they float they just do. and when you step on the strings and hit them twards the floor they float right back up. Its almost like a game, We saved up enought money for balloos. Unfortunatly there are faults with balloons. They pop or they float away if u accidently let go of the strings. :(


Little Moments-3. Take my Hand ~>HERE<~
Little Moments-5. Money Money! 
Little Moments-4. Oops 

(Little Moments-5. Money Money! )

(Little Moments-4. Oops)


Little Tipsters - Don't Do Quiet Shirt ~>HERE<~
*S*W* Blue Strip Shorts (B) ~>HERE<~


*S*W*G* Blue Love ~>HERE<~

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