Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Who does not love to goof around? Kids goof around and parents goof around even teenagers goof around. Its a natural habit for all of us, that is unless your just naturally boring. In that case more power to you! Today is a day to go out and make a funny face. Run around outside and scream in laughter. Do something goofy today!


.click. Boyish #3



  ToddleeDoo - BabyBoy
Ears -  Cute Bytes BabyElven Ears - SMART
Hair Base - JoMo Etched Hair 07
Skin - Purretes *Jay* Skin
Shape - By Me 100%
Hair - Aotreo* Sam - Chocolate
Eyes - PP Daydream Eyes II - Bewitching
Mouth - OpenMouth Pro v2.0 W/EXP: BabyTeeth
Tail - Lemon Tea - Short Hair Neko Tail


[HMC] TD Cute Dinosaur Rawr Zip Up Hoodie.
*S*W* Jeans

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