Thursday, June 5, 2014

NEW Lil Big Me!

Not only has Lil Big Me moved to a new location but CHECK THIS OUT! The new look is AMAZING!

 Lil Big Me is known for the amazing pranks and stunning outfits.
Have you ever stopped to look at the way the store is decorated?

The outside of the new store is decorated in a playful way. Not only did Kaitlyn incorporate the Snips & Snails Tree House from this month June Arcade Gatcha Event.

The building is decorated playfully as well everything goes together so smoothly 
This place is fun and full of smiles and joy!

The inside of this store is just as cute and playful. Check out all of the Events LBM is in and the new outfits are just as playful and cute.

Girls and Boys outfits, The awesome Swimming pool and if you head upstairs you can find all of the fun pranks and stuff. 

You can find all sorts of pranks here and all of these products are top quality!

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