Thursday, February 25, 2016

Get Your Dragon On

Dragons are EVERYWHERE! That is right this round of Brick Lane Gacha is offering TONS of dragons and Knights. SO head on down and get the kewlest dragon and knight items out there!


 Glamrus Kids . Charlie .static&animated ~>HERE<~
(Color Me Cute)


[C@]Dragonpoof RARE & [C@]Head Dragon's ~>HERE<~
(Brick Lane Gacha)
{BB} Dragonheart Award ~>HERE<~
(Brick Lane Gacha)


 8Bit : HowToWearYourDragon Onesie~>HERE<~
(Brick Lane Gacha)
~Paper Damsels~ dragon hat Black and red ~>HERE<~
(Brick Lane Gacha)

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