Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Magical Dueling

Even in the Magical World, we duel with style


. my lucky stars . Dueling 101 - Gacha ~>HERE<~
. my lucky stars . Dueling 102 - Gacha
. my lucky stars . Lumos - Gacha
. my lucky stars . Nox - Gacha


AnkleBiters: ZoomSweepers Blue Bomber ~>HERE<~
Ye Olde Magic Shoppe Wand EBONY 
A's ~ Olde Magic Shoppe Red Rage Potion
A's ~ Olde Magic Shoppe As Good as Gold Potion
A's ~ Olde Magic Shoppe What a stink Potion
Little Llama - Fluffy Dragons - Cow RARE ~>HERE<~
Little Llama - Fluffy Dragons - Green


[SKTD] TD Baby Boy Slytherin Pack ~>HERE<~


{V*Y} Big Kid Sweatshirt - Wizard House of Snake ~>HERE<~

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